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Advancing Resilient Innovation 
Various Clients & Industries
2015 - 2019
Role: Strategy, Facilitation, Design, BizDev, Producer

- How can a large & complex corporation innovate without losing sight of their brand? 

- What makes some products truly innovative and useful while others never take off?

- How can you lead a room full of decision makers to agree on a single plan?

Bring up the topic of innovation in a room full of executives and you're likely to hear it discussed in bold, ambitious language, everyone eager to create the Next Big Thing that will move the needle, create a buzz, and increase revenue.


Now bring in other employees from across an organization, and the word "Innovation" starts to look like many different things. The Big Picture view often takes on more practical and nuanced concerns with teams on the ground who are looking for ways to minimize friction in their productivity. 

Working with companies to reconcile these perspectives on Innovation, and to build a sustainable and equitable path towards growth, has been hugely rewarding for me. From developing clear, long-term strategic goals, to initiating prototyping and design sprints across multiple teams, I work to create real impact and develop lasting client relationships at every level of engagement.

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Project Samples

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