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An Emotionally Informative Interactive Installation
Brown University, Carney Institute for Brain Science
Role: Business Lead & Concept Development

Part of a government funded volunteer experimental research study using AI and surgically implanted hardware to bypass spinal cord injuries, this interactive installation in the entry to the research facility provides patients and visitors with a calming, informative and beautiful experience during a stressful time. 

As the business development lead, I worked closely with the head research scientist to develop the initial concept, including planning and budget, as he secured government and private funding for the project.

Concept Development

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UX Development

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A network of lines resembling neural fibers transmit impulses that move tranquilly across the wall. Approaching the artwork, the visitor‘s presence and movement is sensed and reflected in the animated graphics, as a gust of wind may stir the trees. Touching the screen invokes an image of the human nervous system, with touch points representing key components of the human-computer interface being studied at this facility. Exploration is encouraged to discover stories of how this experimental technology enables new pathways for neural communication. 

UX View.png
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