Go Wherever Your Mind Takes You
S7 Airlines & Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam
Role: Senior Producer

Fly an airplane with the power of your mind and win a ticket to your dream destination. Interactive installation in Moscow designed and developed in collaboration with Wieden+Kennedy for the S7 Airlines 'Fly anywhere you can imagine' campaign. 


Set in a busy Moscow mall, this one-day installation invited participants to choose their dream destination from among many cosmopolitan cities, emphasizing S7's new global reach.


Fitted with an EEG biosensor, which measures brainwaves, players could try to concentrate on their destination long enough to keep a virtual plane on course, racing against the clock. If they succeeded in landing the plane on time, they won an actual ticket! 

Over 250 people took part throughout the day, with 50 participants winning a round trip ticket to their dream destination. The impact of this installation went far beyond the live event: the experience was documented in a film that received over 2 million views and over 82 million earned media impressions within the first week of its release. 4,500 people signed up for the loyalty program on the day of the event, and S7 received a 20% increase in online bookings in the period of the campaign.


As senior project producer, I coordinated with W+K's creative team and project lead early on to align their concept to the reality of a six-week timeline and budgeting constraints.  Initially meant to be a steampunk-inspired game with complex moving parts, the concept was quickly adapted to become a projection mapped 6-foot diameter sphere and 3D-printed plane driven by a small stepper motor. 

The team of designers and developers I led was based entirely in Amsterdam. To overcome language and culture barriers on the ground in Moscow, I chose Neumann & Meuller's Russian liaison as production partner. Working across three time zones, our teams developed the concept and game design, UX/UI treatments, and coordinated to secure location scouting, as well as fabrication, installation, and event production.

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