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A Pivotal Moment for a Traditional Brand
The Purina Institute Exhibit, Nestlé Purina Global Headquarters
2016 - 2018
Role: Senior Producer
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As the project's senior producer, my team and I dove deep into interviewing Purina scientists, working to understand the key scientific achievements across the company's 125+ year history. Working tightly with client leadership, we consolidated a core narrative to be revealed through the design of seven technology-driven interactive exhibits, each dedicated to understanding an important part of Purina's work.

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Often unaffectionately regarded as "The McDonald's of the pet food industry," Purina actually has a long list of groundbreaking scientific achievements that have paved the way for the future of pet health and nutrition across the world.


With the creation of the Purina Institute in 2016, the company sought to finally highlight their outstanding accomplishments and embrace their Standard Bearer position for the scientific and veterinary community.


Out of this desire, a 2200 sq. ft. permanent exhibit was created at the Purina Global Headquarters, where invited guests and thought leaders could come to experience their scientific breakthroughs  themselves.

Since the project's completion in 2018, the exhibit has quickly become the centerpiece of the Institute, and the Crown Jewel of Purina's parent company, Nestlé-Purina.

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